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Helping therapists and other                          
professionals elevate their brands and attract          clients


mental health

Helping therapists and other                        professionals elevate their brands  and attract         clients



mental health

It didn't need to. Our degree programs provided the necessary education and training to be most effective in our area of genius: journeying alongside clients and assisting them in building their capacity for self-understanding, healing, and personal growth. Design, then, is something that many of us attempt out of obligation, maybe even desperation—not passion.

Grad School Didn t Prepare Us to Be Web Designers



Dragging your feet on starting your private practice because you don't know where to start with branding

Nearing burnout from having to be therapist, scheduler, biller, AND creative designer

Overwhelmed trying to teach yourself brand and web design (and don't have the time)

Embarrassed that your current situation is not visually-compelling

It may be time to hire a designer if you are...

But, things can change

that's where i come in, friend

I m Makya, owner and lead designer of  Teak    Ink

Fortunately, I've been designing websites and other marketing materials long before I decided to pursue a career in mental health. However, it is through therapy practice that I have been able to see, firsthand, the needs of mental health professionals and the behaviors and thought processes of those who are shopping around for mental health services. The reality is that we are visual beings. A website that lacks in functionality and/or graphics that don't fully communicate your value are sure to be skipped over. In the age of Google searches and shorter attention spans, your business needs to grab the attention of your audience the first time around. I can help with that!



" Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

-Paul Rand

Our collection of customizable website templates are the perfect option if you don't quite have the time or funding to invest in a custom web design experience. With these premade designs, you can still get the same Teak + Ink flair at an affordable rate and be ready to launch your new website in days.

Showit Website Templates

coming SEPTEMBER 2023


Work with me one on one to build your brand and web design from scratch. Starting with brand strategy, we'll work together to develop your brand framework before developing a visual identity system that aligns, attracts clients, and ultimately, grows your practice.


Custom Brand    Web Design


Your Time Should Be Spent In Your Area Of Genius NOT  Teaching Yourself Brand And Web Design.