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Merging         and
             to Help Brands Leave Lasting 



Merging           and           
 to Help Brands Leave





Brand Design

Print   Digital Collateral

Custom Web Design

Your business deserves a look that gives people a reason to choose you. From your logo to your typography, we'll develop a branding system that gives your audience a memorable experience and gives you confidence about your brand's visual identity.

In a world that is becoming increasingly tech-driven, your business needs a website. Not just any website, but a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and increases leads.

From social media templates and ebooks to brochures and invitations, I can help you to craft materials that showcase your offerings. These assets help to connect you with your audience and communicate your value.  

These are 24/7 marketing tools that should be intentionally crafted to attract and engage prospective clients. The lack of attention to the feel and functions of your branding and website runs the risk of sending the wrong message. Your current situation, or lack thereof, could be saying that you do not prioritize your professional image or worse, that your quality of service will also be lacking. Let's make sure that your presence is in sync with your value and business goals.

Your Brand and Web Design Should Be Working For You, Not Against You.


Semi  Custom Web Design

Our collection of customizable website templates are the perfect option if you don't quite have the time or funding to invest in a custom web design experience. With these premade designs, you can still get the same Teak + Ink flair at an affordable rate and be ready to launch your new website in days.

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Does this sound like you?

You just don't have the time to do all of the things

You're not in love with your current branding and/or website

You don't yet have branding materials or a website and don't have the skills to create what you envision for your business

You don't think that your current website is getting enough traffic or increasing sales

You are serious about investing in your brand and understand that there's value in hiring a brand and web designer

You need a visual identity that really stands out and connects with your ideal audience

After years of producing marketing materials for social programs and organizing community projects, I decided to combine my design skills with my love for project management to help brands level up. Teak & Ink allows me to help my clients expand their impact through brand strategy and design. In the age of Google searches and shorter attention spans, your business needs to grab the attention of your audience the first time around. I can help with that!

Hey y'all! I'M MAKYA!

I am the owner and lead designer of Teak and Ink.

Don't settle for average.
Brung your best to the moment.

" Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

-Paul Rand


Your Time Should Be Spent In Your Area Of Genius NOT  Teaching Yourself Brand And Web Design.